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Sample Developmental Workbook:

Workbook #13 - Flow Measurement

This is an example of a Developmental Workbook we created as part of an overall developmental program for one of our customers in the Oil & Gas industry.

The actual program includes access to the presentations, tutorials, and associated links in the resources material section, but many of the links are web based and publicly available.

Programs like this can provide a time efficient, cost-effective solution to developing skills of individuals or entire workforces. 

This is #13 (of 20) sequential workbooks for the applicable Instrument Tech Developmental Program, but the actual programs typically vary based on needs and site specifics.

Typically, learners will complete these workbooks largely in their own time, studying when time allows, as one piece of an overall developmental program - but these workbooks provide the 'Yellow Brick Road' to guide the overall process.

The sequence and flow of the program is part of what makes it successful. 

In practice, we also include periodic spot-checks for each learner, in addition to quizzes, exams, online tutorial / help sessions, and custom onsite group raining in some areas.

If you have questions about programs like this, or would like ideas or input on your program, reach out to Mike Glass at (208) 715-1590 or via email at [email protected] 

Mike Glass

About the author

Mike Glass

Mike Glass is an ISA Certified Automation Professional (CAP) and a Master Certified Control System Technician (CCST III). Mike has 38 years of experience in the I&C industry performing a mix of startups, field service and troubleshooting, controls integration and programming, tuning & optimization services, and general I&C consulting, as well as providing technical training and a variety of skills-related solutions to customers across North America.

Mike can be reached directly via [email protected] or by phone at (208) 715-1590.