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Why trust Orion Technical Solutions for your training needs?

Training with Purpose

Management with Connection to the Field and Industry

Orion Technical Solutions was founded by Mike Glass back in 2000. Mike taught Instrumentation & Electronics both at the college level and for a large industrial training provider, but found weaknesses in these organizations and a general lack of desire to truly educate people. Mike has always had a passion for teaching these fascinating fields and wanted to build a company that delivered real results with real equipment and well-targeted training.

Unlike most of our competitors, who are steered by layers of corporate executives and business managers who are overly focused on profits, Orion Technical Solutions was built and is managed directly by someone with: 

  • Credentialed, expert-level knowledge of the subject matter
  • Decades of experience in the industry
  • Tons of teaching, assessment, and course/curriculum development experience. 
  • A core drive to help people grow and progress
  • A real connection to our customers

Many of our competitors (including vendor-based training providers) are large, corporately managed organizations and the people running those organizations simply don't have an adequate understanding (or respect) of the subject matter, industries, instructors, students, and customers.

Worse yet - a large proportion of training providers simply don't  concern themselves with the actual outcomes in the field because 'industry tends to have a short memory when it comes to training' and they know they can get away with mediocre instructors teaching mediocre material with mediocre equipment. 

Course Designs:

Some of our competitors actually create courses around marketing brochures with bullet lists that to an informed eye, are obviously 'too good to be true', rather than having industry experts build courses that are built-for-purpose and that can achieve real and lasting results and planning course content & time appropriately.

Orion Technical Solutions doesn't offer the shorter public courses that many of our competitors and vendors offer, which often allege to cover a ton of appealing keyword topics or to achieve results which are simply not possible in timeframe allotted.

We realize it would be much easier to sell shorter (and therefore easier/cheaper) courses - But it is not realistic to take someone from "zero-to-hero" in most of these areas without spending the time needed for people to learn, absorb, and apply the material. Our goal is to deliver a service that has a true positive impact on the individuals we train and the industries we serve.  

Instructor Quality:

Many of our competitor's top instructors frankly burn out from having to travel 40+ weeks per year to earn a living. 

Orion Technical Solutions ensures any/all instructors have very high knowledge levels AND all of the other characteristics needed to excel in the classroom. But we also share much more of the earnings with our instructors and are therefore able to limit the amount of teaching time (and away-time) of instructors to help ensure they maintain a balanced, high-quality home-life and can maintain their energy and enthusiasm in the classroom long-term. 

Satisfaction Guarantee:

We offer a 100%, money-back, no-questions-asked satisfaction guarantee on ALL of our training services - because we know we will consistently exceed our customer's expectations. 


As you'll see in our testimonials, we are focused on ensuring that each student who attends our courses truly learn and progress and becomes noticeably better at their jobs. Once you experience our services firsthand, it will be apparent why we are the best choice for your training needs. 

Give Mike a call today at (208) 715-1590 to see how we can help your team.