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Reservations are booked on a first-come basis in the order that payment is processed. 

Customers may cancel a reserved course seat more than 30 days in advance will receive a full refund. 

Customers who cancel a reserved course seat within 30 days of the course start date will be charged a 50% cancelation fee. 

In the event that Orion Technical Solutions needs to cancel or postpone an event due to instructor illness, accidents, or other unforeseen incidents, each paid student will be given full refunds for applicable paid course seats.

Each registered student must provide two reliable methods of contact (typically email and cell phone) to ensure we can reach them with important information about the event.

If a student who is attending one of our public training courses (or the paying manager of an onsite training session) is not fully satisfied with the quality of the training - let the instructor know. If we cannot fully resolve the situation to your satisfaction, we will refund whatever portion the paying customer deems appropriate - no questions asked.

We do request that if you have concerns or are dissatisfied with any aspect of the training, that you let us know as soon as practical (preferably before the end of the applicable training day) so that we can resolve the situation to your satisfaction.

Note - Since Orion Technical Training began back in 2000, we have offered a 100% satisfaction guarantee on ALL of our training services. That is hundreds of courses to thousands of students. In that time, we have only had a single situation where a refund was requested. That situation was due to Instructor having contracted severe food poisoning in the middle of a course session and subsequently not being able to perform at our normal standards.

Our testimonials and reputation speaks for itself. Once you sample our training services it will become apparent why our customers rave about our services. 

Very few training organizations or equipment vendors are confident enough in the quality of their training, or the performance of their instructors to stand behind a guarantee like this.