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ControlLogix PLC's

Length: 4-days

Percent Hands-on: 75%

This course provides a solid introduction to the basic operation of the ControlLogix® series PLC's using Studio 5000 Logix® software (previously RSLogix 5000®).

This course focuses on the underlying principles required to perform routine maintenance such as troubleshooting hardware and IO problems, performing minor online & offline edits, performing force operations and bit manipulations, troubleshooting and resetting faults and status variables, and tracing and understanding common ladder logic. This course also covers the most common problems, mistakes, and important functionality of the ControlLogix® series. 

Course Approach: 
The course will utilize 7-slot ControlLogix® racks with actual 1756 series processors, IO cards, and various communications cards (not the smaller, cheaper version used in some other courses). The racks will be connected to our exclusive training stations with a full range of typical digital and analog IO input types. The students will download, modify, test, and observe numerous sample programs to observe responses and make sense of logic and functionality. Students will also troubleshoot various IO problems and will practice performing key routine maintenance tasks. This course will emphasize the common mistakes and problems experienced by new personnel in working with ControlLogix® PLC systems. 

Hands-On Exercises: 

  • Hardwired relays and how it relates to Ladder Logic
  • PLC components intro
  • Ladder logic basics
  • Latches & Seal logic
  • Scan cycle basics 
  • Batch & sequential logic
  • Program layout & organization
  • Common procedures
  • Timer & Counter basics 
  • PLC numbers
  • Math and Compare instructions
  • Analog IO 
  • Tasks, Programs, Routines 
  • Diagnostic IO 
  • Troubleshooting hardware problems
  • Using diagnostic tools and information to troubleshoot

Course objectives: 

  • Connect to ControlLogix series processors (Using RSLinx®).
  • Read and interpret common ladder logic programming using Studio 5000 Logix® software
  • Logically troubleshoot programs and field device problems
  • Searching and finding program components, instructions, tags, or addresses
  • Make minor edits to PLC programs and be aware of potential hazards & mistakes
  • Go online with processor & be aware of potential hazards & mistakes
  • Download files to processor & be aware of potential hazards & mistakes
  • Find & clear processor faults properly
  • Perform online data manipulations and force operations safely and properly
  • Use and navigate in Logix software properly
  • Troubleshoot common hardware and configuration problems 
  • Trace logic as needed and be able to troubleshoot field components

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