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SIS for Technicians (SIS-T)

Onsite Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) Training - SIS for Technicians. 

We will bring our training equipment to your location and provide high quality, hands-on training that is tailored to your personnel, your schedule, your equipment & systems, and your specific training needs. 

We work with you to design a course that will achieve the desired objectives for your team. 

Our onsite training classes can be very cost-effective and result in dramatic improvements in your team's skill and performance levels. 

Some of the benefits of having training delivered at customer's location include:

  • Flexible schedules (back shifts, weekends, split-shifts to allow maintenance and production support, skill or experience level split groups, etc.)
  • Simplifies logistics and lost time for your personnel
  • Reduce travel cost of traveling to remote locations (hotels, airfare, rental cars & fuel, food, etc.)
  • Avoid potential travel delays or other problems

Our onsite training offerings can include skillset needs assessments, development of training plans & curriculum, development of standard and customized training materials and resources, remote progress checks, mentoring, and guidance for each individual or for groups, or whatever your team needs. We think out of the box to solve your training needs. Give us a call today to see how we might help your team! 

Detailed information on our Onsite SIS for Technicians Training Course - (Can be modified to meet customer needs and goals)

Length: 2 to 3 days 
Percent Hands-on: 0 to 50%

This course introduces students to the maintenance aspects of IEC 61511 (Safety Instrumented Systems. The primary targets of this course are instrument and automation technicians who maintain, troubleshoot, and repair safety instrumented systems. The course assumes technicians have basic understanding of instrumentation and controls but does reinforce key areas that often lead to problems and mistakes in SIS maintenance. Students will gain familiarity with the overall SIS program to help them understand their role and responsibilities in the program, as well as detailed coverage of maintenance related issues of IEC 61511 including proper proof testing of typical instrumentation devices.

Course Approach:
This course will utilize Rosemount Smart transmitters connected to an analog input with scaled indicator, as well as Fluke process meters / calibrators, and HART Communicators to perform actual typical SIS maintenance tasks and allow students to dig deep into the real world issues, mistakes, and common problems that are encountered in the field.

The primary objective of the course is to ensure that students understand how to perform SIS maintenance properly and in accordance with IEC 61511. This course will cover all of the underlying concepts that even many senior technicians do not fully understand, and which often cause mistakes and problems in the field. 

In some situations, coverage of logic solvers and final control elements may be included (for Site Specific training - depending on customer application). 

Course topics:

  • Process safety (in general)
  • Big picture view of IEC 61508 and 61511 programs, including how they are coordinated and how they relate to other process safety related programs
  • SIS terminology
  • Process of risk ranking and assignment of SIL ratings (from HAZOP's, & LOPA's, and development of Safety Requirement Specs)
  • Layers of Protection and LOPA
  • Safety Lifecycles
  • Demand tracking in SIS
  • Probability of Failure on Demand (PFD) 
  • Impacts of maintenance on PFD
  • SIF Device Failure Tracking
  • Recognizing Failure types (Safe/Dangerous; Detected/Undetected)
  • Typical Proof Testing (in detail)
  • Types and approaches to SIS proof testing
  • Common problem areas in SIS equipment
  • Common errors and mistakes in SIS testing and maintenance

Hands-on Exercises: 

  • Observe types of instrument failures (to help understand reasons for SIS proof test steps)
  • High/Low Fault tests
  • Instrument inspections
  • Proof testing of typical Smart Instrumentation
  • Common instrumentation failures, mistakes, misconfigurations, etc. 

Optional Hands-on Exercises (Onsite):

  • Proof testing of final control elements, logic solvers, etc. - based on applicable equipment availability. 
  • Proof testing of logic solvers
  • Coverage of site specific SIS program implementations (SRS, HMI details, Testing procedures & forms, etc.)   

Contact us today or submit an onsite course request form to get information and a detailed quotation for customized onsite training delivered to your team at your location!